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Antonio Rodriguez

Multimedia Producer | Content Manager

Summer/Winter 2013

Summer/Winter 2013

The last six months have been a blur productivity and excitement. Unfortunately in all the bluster I haven’t found the time to brag about all the cool projects I’ve been working on. From photography and video to marketing to starting a new band to recording music for some of my best friends. I have just been firing on all cylinders! Check it all out below and have a great day.


More experimentation with DSLR shooting and I’ve begun editing in FCPX (It’s a brave new world and I won’t let the whippersnappers show me up.)

Zoumountchi: Live at the Sahara Lounge

Zoumountchi is hands down my favorite band in Austin. The Sahara Lounge is hands down my favorite venue. I should be doing an interview with the band in the near future but I’ve been sitting on this performance video for some time now.

The Urban Achievers Brass Band: Live at the White Horse

I shot this during Bad Decision Sunday (The Urban Achievers standing Sunday gig) over at The White Horse in Austin, TX. It is one of those really great weekly showcases that Austin offers. Seeing these guys goof off live is the best.

3 Bands: Live at Annie Street

Some Say Leland, The Act of Estimating as Worthless, and Linen Closet Live at the Annie Street arts collective.

The Bluebird Specials

I recorded a little of The Bluebird Specials at the one year anniversary of In.Gredients in Austin, TX. They are a great three piece blue grass band!

In addition to this I shot an interview with San Antonio’s Pop Pistol, San Marco’s Kazee Queen and I shot a 20 min-ish documentary about TribuneFest which will all come out at some point in 2014.


In October I met some really awesome dudes and we decided to start a post-hardcore band, We called it Teenage Swoon. Four months later we’ve written 9 songs, recorded 2 songs, handed out over 500 zines, played over a dozen shows and had the cops called on us at least 5 times. It’s been fun. Like us on Facebook or check out our music (Which I recorded and mixed!)

Here are some photos of us by the very talented Andrew Dominguez who runs Careless Distribution.



In addition to TS I’ve been busy putting together Where Our Enemies Can’t Find Us. “WOEFCU is an ongoing audio project. Since 2009 WOEFCU has provided imaginative musicians with quality home recordings. We also provide free training on the recording and mixing process.” During that time I recorded a single for SATX band, HOME.

…and released a compilation/rarities album called The Young Thousands.


So many shows, so much photography. More on Flickr: image






I.T. is my blog that covers the diverse music scenes of Texas. In 2013 we posted 21 articles (Including several by new I.T. writers posting original reviews.) we hit 50,000 page views and I started working on an I.T. podcast/radio show. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or download some music at out website.

Video Work: Spring 2013

Faylita Hicks Live at the Triple Crown: Part 1 & 2

I produced these two videos for Faylita Hicks. Equipment courtesy of Michael S. Martinez and Katie Kraft.

2009 Grand Slam Champion Faylita Hicks speaks about her musical amibitions shortly before her very first rap performance as Kazi-Queen. Part 2 concerns her early years in the slam scene.

Faylita Hicks: Live at the Triple Crown (PART 1) from Antonio Rodriguez on Vimeo.

Faylita Hicks: Live at the Triple Crown (PART 2) from Antonio Rodriguez on Vimeo.


Rico Reyes For Texas State Rep. District 20.

I assisted Rumble Creative in shooting this video. I dealt with lighting and was second cam operator. 


Luminaria 2013

Luminaria 2013 from Antonio Rodriguez on Vimeo.


Sonora Trophy Hunts 

2 of a 4 video series that I produced for Sonora Trophy Hunts through  Digett Marketing.

STH - Finding the Right Hunting Outfitter from Antonio Rodriguez on Vimeo.

STH - Scoring from Antonio Rodriguez on Vimeo.

I had the great opportunity to shoot some of the official documentation of Luminara 2013 for David Frank over at ArtGives. Here are a few of my best shots from this beautiful event in SATX.

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